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Welcome to the


 "Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play..."

So started the first episode of Camberwick Green, the classic
 children's animated series, brought to us by Gordon Murray and Co.
  Following the success of this series in 1966, he then went on
   to give us Trumpton and then Chigley. Everyone remembers
 Windy Miller and the Trumpton Fire Brigade, but who remembers
 Mr Robinson the window cleaner, or Mr Rumpling and his barge?

  We do. Here at the Trumptonshire Web you will find everything
  there is to know about the three Trumptonshire series, from the
 original transmission dates to details of the latest CD release.
So if you want to know the name of the butler at Winkstead Hall
or the correct lyrics to Windy Miller's song then read on...
But remember, don't just read the lyrics, sing along ! 


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