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In 1996 Telstar Video Entertainment Ltd brought out a series of Trumptonshire videos marketed under the "Camberwick Green" label. Each of the seven videos featured four episodes and were proced at £7.99. The Telstar videos have since been discontinued, but you may be able to track them down via online suppliers such as Blackstar Video.
A Busy Day in Camberwick Green,
Volume 1 (TVE 3011)
Peter the Postman
Windy Miller
Mr Crockett
Dr Mopp
A Trip to Trumpton,
Volume 2 (TVE 3012)
Nick Fisher the Billposter
Miss Lovelace & the Mayor's Hat
Mrs Cobbit & the Ice Cream Man
Miss Lovelace and the Statue
Let's Visit Chigley,
Volume 3 (TVE 3014)
Lord Belborough's Secret
Bessie to the Rescue
The Balloon
The Fountain
It's Fun to Work in Camberwick Green,
Volume 4 (TVE3018)
Mr Murphy
Mrs Honeyman
PC Mc Gary
Mr Carraway
Tales from Trumpton Town,
Volume 5 (TVE3020)
The Mayor's Brithday
The Rag and Bone Man
Mr Platt and the Painter
A Ride to Chigley,
Volume 6 (TVE3021)
Trouble with the Crane
A Present for Lord Belborough
Apples Galore
The Broken Bridge
Meet You Friends in Camberwick Green,
Volume 7 (TVE3022)
Farmer Bell
Paddy Murphy
Captain Snort
Roger Varley


The three videos previously available from the BBC were:
Trumpton 1 BBCV 4230
The Greenhouse
The Plumber
Camberwick Green 1 BBCV 4231
Mickey Murphy 'The Baker'
Mr Carraway `The Fishmonger'
Mrs Honeyman and her baby
Chigley 1 BBCV 4232
A Present for Lord Belborough
Apples Galore
Trouble with the Crane


And before these, Longman brought out a range...