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Television-related Web sites

If you liked the Trumptonshire Web, then you will probably also enjoy these:


The Clangers web page. John Fletcher's very comprehensive guide to the little creatures who live on and in a small blue cratered planet.
Noggin the Nog

The Noggin the Nog website Northlands by Neil Jones.
Ivor the Engine

The Smallfilms Treasury for all those Postgate/Firmin characters including Ivor the Engine,  Bagpuss, Noggin, and The Clangers.

Talking of Bagpuss, all the songs have now been re-recorded by the original artists and have been released on a CD, available from Fellside
Summerton Mill  
Summerton Mill

A modern stop-frame animation with a classical feel, made for CBeebies Tikkabilla. When the waterwheel turns at Summerton Mill, a little bit of magic takes place and, for a little while, everything goes back to how it used to be...See the official website at Summerton Mill

BBC website

The BBC ONLINE site provides extensive information relating to all BBC matters.

Memorable TV

For children's programmes try  the Memorable TV index. Information on a huge number of British TV programmes for children.

TV cream

Try  TV Cream  for "the best place on the Net to discover the long-dead programmes you thought you'd seen the back of forever" - excellent for those long unforgotten programmes
Andrew Wisemans 625
Andrew Wiseman's TV Room has been around since the early days. Check out his behind the scenes of British TV, including those great Public Information Films.