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Trumptonshire in Modern Music

The Trumptonshire trilogy obviously has an strong influence on the writers of modern music. Some of the following tracks have short samples, others have adapted lyrics taken from the programmes.

Half Man Half Biscuit

HMHB have released two tracks based on Trumptonshire characters, and aimed at a more adult audience. The HMHB numbers are all very amusing, but are not for the easily offended. Check out the HMHB web site for further details.

Album: ACD
Track: The Trumpton Riots.
A punk sounding track about anarchy in Trumpton, with classic lines such as:
"Tell PC McGary to get himself a mate,
And arm themselves with CS gas, they're gonna be out late"

Album: ACD
Track: Time Flies by When You're The Driver of a Train.
Another irreverent work based on Lord Belborough's song, with lines such as:
"....Careful with that spliff Eugene it causes condensation"

 These tracks are both well worth checking out if you're a big Trumptonshire fan.

bLaCK GraPe

CD single: Reverend Black Grape
Track: Straight out of Trumpton
After the Happy Mondays, Shaun Ryder became part of Black Grape. The new group began with chart success, and their first CD single "Reverend Black Grape" featured the track "Straight out of Trumpton", containing a short reference to the Trumpton fire brigade.

Pop Will Eat Itself

Album: Box Frenzy, Chapter 22 Records
Track: Razorblade Kisses
The track features the Camberwick Green introduction: "Here is a box..." but although it sounds very similar, it is not identical to Brian Cant's original narration, and appears to have been slowed down slightly, thereby changing the pitch.

Urban Hype

Album: Conspiracy to Dance, Pulse 8 Records
Track: A Trip to Trumpton
The track includes the firmen on parade role call "Pugh Pugh...", and an arrangement of "Firemen Bold" - the music heard while the fire engine rushes through Trumpton. The credits state that the track was co-written by  Freddie Phillips, who confirms that he was involved in this !


Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory, CRE CD 189
Track: Champagne Supernova
The track features the lines "Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannon ball", and is apparently a reference to the way Brackett would walk down the corridor in Winkstead Hall, after answering the phone.