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Camberwick Green characters, songs and trivia

Songs by Gordon Murray and Freddie Phillips

Here is a box... (98k sound file)

"Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today ?"

And out of the box would rise the episode's star character. The background would then appear and the story would begin.

Camberwick Green was a small village near Trumpton. As its name implies it was a green, surrounded by shops, including a fishmongers, bakers and post office. Nearby was Colley's Mill, Pippin Fort and Jonathon Bell's Farm

The Characters

Mickey Murphy the baker, Mrs Murphy, children Paddy and Mary

Mickey lives on Camberwick Green and sells delicious walnut cakes at 5 shillings each.

"Mr Murphy the Baker"

Mr Murphy is a master baker,
Pudding pies and pastry maker,
Biscuits buns or birthday cake,
Everything is marvellous that Murphy makes.
"Driving Along" (in a baker's van)
Driving along with the bakers man,
In a rackety, tackety baker's van.
Each loaf and cake the bakers bake,
Will roll and shake,
As our rounds we make.
With the baker man,
In the baker's van
The rackety tackety baker's van.
From the "Roger Varley episode":
Driving along in a baker's van,
In a rackety tackety baker's van.
Away to the mill,
Our buckets to fill.
Who cares if it spill ?
We know that it will,
In the baker's van,
With the bakers man,
In the rackety, tackety baker's van.
From the "Paddy Murphy" episode:
Whizzing along on my roller skates,
On my rumbling tumbling roller skates
The people say
Get out of the way,
And don't delay,
He's at work today
On his roller skates,
On his bowler skates
His rumbling tumbling roller skates.

Windy Miller

Windy lives at Colley's Mill, which is just outside Camberwick Green. The railway runs nearby. Windy makes home brew cider, and whittles wood. When going into or out of his windmill he amazingly always manages to miss the sails. Windy is rather old fashioned and very superstitious - he believes in whistling for the wind, and touching a sweeep's collar for luck. He keeps a cow for milk, and free range chickens for eggs. He is referred to as "Mr. Miller" on several occasions.

 "Windy Miller"

Windy Miller, Windy Miller sharper than a thorn,
Like a mouse he's spry and nimble when he grinds the corn.
Like a bird he'll watch the wind and listen for the sound,
Which says he has the wind he needs to make the sails go round.
The windmill turning (51k sound file)

Farmer Bell (and Mrs Bell)

Jonathon Bell works on the farm along with his farm hands. He believes in having the most modern equipment available - his favourite being his forklift. The main produce of the farm appears to be eggs and milk.

 "Jonathon Bell, the Farmer"

A go ahead farmer is Jonathon Bell
Who works his farm and he works it well
He doesn't hold much with the good old days.
In modern times use modern ways.

Electric mechanical all that is new
Which does the work that men used to do.
He swears by it all and he proves it too
On his modern mechanical farm.
Digger song:
For jobs that are big, a mechanical digger
Is bigger and better and quicker.

It lumbers and lurches and lifts heavy loads,
Digging deep ditches and holes in the roads,
Trenches for water main cable or drain,
Rumbling and roaring and taking the strain,
Loading up lorries with rubble and soil,
A mechanical digger will tirelessly toil.

For jobs that are big, a mechanical digger
Is bigger and better and quicker.
Farmer's truck song:
Driving along in a farmer's truck
In an I-can-do-anything farmer's truck.
A pig or a hen,
A calf or the men,
A bale or sack,
All go into the back.
You can even spread muck from a farmers truck.
An I-can-do-anything farmer's truck.

PC McGarry number 452

PC McGarry is the thorough, do it by the book type. He travels around on his motorbike and talks to HQ on the bike's radio. But he's not overly friendly and for that matter he's not very big either.


Here comes the policeman,
The big friendly policeman,
PC McGarry number 452.
Lost dogs, thick fogs,
Don't know what to do.
Then get the policeman,
The big friendly policeman.
PC McGarry number 452.

Here comes the policeman,
The big friendly policeman,
PC McGarry number 452.
Lost a key, cat up a tree,
Baby lost a shoe.
Then get the policeman,
A big friendly policeman.
PC McGarry number 452.
From PC McGarry's episode:
They've got the policeman,
The big friendly policeman,
PC McGarry number 452.
Swarming bees in the trees,
Swarming people too.
They've got the policeman,
The big friendly policeman.
PC McGarry number 452.

Pippin Fort an Academy for soldier boys

In the days of Camberwick Green (before the Trumpton Fire Brigade were created) it was the soldier boys of Pippin Fort who were always willing to jump into their army truck and come to the rescue. Whether its diving into the canal, or baking cakes, they were the boys to call.

Captain Snort
He inspects the soldier boys on parade.

"Captain Snort"

Captain Snort is a soldier man,
Scarlet and gold a soldier man.
He'll work a boy as hard as he can,
To turn him into a soldier man.
Captain Snort is a soldier man,
Who lives in Pippin Fort
Seargant Major Grout,
With his deep voice he shouts

Soldier boys (6 altogether):
Private Armitage, (the best swimmer),
Private Featherby
Private Higgins, (the smartest looking soldier boy)
Private Hopwood
Private Lumley, (the one who can't tell his left from his right),
Private Meek, (Mrs Dingle's nephew).

The Bugler
He lives in one of the towers and apart from sounding the call for drill, he also answers the fort's phone. The bugler is largely ignored, but as can be seen from the "PC McGarry" episode he is a separate character, and not one of the six soldier boys.

"Driving Along" (in an army truck)

Driving along in an army truck,
In a humpety bumpety army truck.
The people wave
To the soldiers brave,
Who sing and shout,
As they lurch about.
Oh we are in luck,
We will never be stuck,
In our humpety bumpety army truck.

Mr Carraway the fishmonger
Every Wednesday afternoon, Mr Carraway would shut up shop and he and his friends would go down to the stream at the bottom of his garden and while away a few hours fishing.

"Mr Carraway the Fishmonger"

Fresh fish! fine fresh fish!
Herring, plaice, mackerel turbot, 
Whiting, cod, halibut, dab,
Prawn, crabs, crayfish and lobster,
In green parsley and set upon a slab.
Fresh fish, fine fresh fish.
Fishing song:
Sitting by a stream,
By a Summer stream,
In still deep waters,
Where lazy fish gleam.
Fishing in the sun.

Mrs Honeyman (the Chemist's wife) & baby

 The local gossip, who didn't always get things right. In the days before the internet, Mrs Honeyman was the fastest method of information transfer.

"Chatter Chatter"

Chatter chatter have you heard the latest gossip ?
Not a word to anyone...
But do you know that natter natter well my dear
You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I was shocked !

Peter Hazel the postman
Peter not only delivered the letters but also emptied the post boxes.

"Peter the Postman"

Peter the postman is a very busy man
He empties the boxes as quickly as he can
He puts all the letters in a great big sack
And whistles as he marches with his load upon his back

Mrs Dingle the postmistress & Packet the post office puppy
Mrs Dingle ran the post office, and sorted the mail.

Three for Mickey Murphy, two for Dr. Mopp
One for Mr. Honey man who keeps the chemist's shop
Two for Windy Miller, three for Captain Snort
And six for all the soldier boys who live in Pippin Fort

Mr Crockett the garage owner
Mr Crockett's garage was on th eoutskirts of Camerwick Green. His breakdown truck was always ready to come to the assistance of a stranded motorist.

"Crockett's Polka"

If your car is needing petrol, if your van is broken down,
If your motorcycle engine starts to stick,
Then go to Crockett's garage, to Mr Crockett's garage.
He will do the work and he'll do it very quick.

Fill her up, fill her up, the petrol pumps are working,
Pump them up, pump them up, you know what tyres are.
Hurry up, hurry up, there is no time for shirking,
If you want a very super sort of car.

Doctor Mopp
The doctor drove a vintage car (reg 1901) and had a top hat and beard.

"Doctor Mopp"

If you want a doctor,
Get Doctor Mopp,
For he can stop
A sneeze or a wheeze,
Or a lump or a bump,
A headache or a sprain,
Or rheumaticy pain.

So if you're feeling sickly,
Please call him quickly.
He can cure all ills,
With his pale pink medicine,
And sugar coated pills.

Thomas Tripp the milkman
Mr Tripp operated Camberwick Green's dairy. On Saturdays, Paddy Murphy helps out.

"Thomas Tripp the Milkman"

Here comes the milkman, Thomas Tripp the milkman.
Can you hear the milkman with his jangle jingle jang ?
What does it matter if the bottles make a clatter ?
One doesn't want to chatter over jangle jingle jang.

Roger Varley the chimney sweep
Roger would travel around on his motorbike & sidecar.

"Roger Varley the Sweep"

Sweep all,
Here comes Roger Varley,
As black as a crow,
To sweep all your chimneys,
Which stand in a row.

Big chimneys, small chimneys,
Low chimneys tall chimneys.
Chimneys so straight and chimneys awry,
With his rod, brush and sack,
And his suit shiny black,
He'll purl and twirl his brush,
Up the flues to the sky.

Sweep all.

Mr Dagenham the salesman
He drives a red sportscar (an MG ?). Although Mr Dagenham only appears in one episode, his car can often be spotted at Crockett's garage.

 "Mr Dagenham the Salesman"

Our Mr Dagenham, he can sell anything,
Anything, anything money can buy.
A tea set or a jacket,
A pram or tennis raquet,
A telly or a toaster,
A trumpet or a trike,
An overcoat, a motor boat,
A holiday in Africa,
A bathtub or a button,
A bugle or a bike.
Our Mr Dagenham, he can sell anything,
Anything, anything money can buy.
Helicopter, helicopter, riding so high.
Whirring, chirring, sweeping the sky,
Over the house tops and over the trees.
You'll fly like the birds,
And you'll buzz, like the bees.