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Trumptonshire Episode Guide

Here you will find the original episode titles, transmission dates, 'cast' list, song titles and plot summary. The missing information will be updated when possible

How many episodes do you remember ?

Camberwick Green

1: Peter the Postman

Original transmission date:03/01/66
Starring: Peter Hazel the postman, with Mickey, Paddy & Mary Murphy, Mrs Dingle.
Songs: Peter the Postman
Plot: In this, the very first episode of the Trumptonshire trilogy, we are introduced to many of the characters of Camberwick Green. Peter the Postman collects the letters from the letter boxes, then goes to the post office where he and Mrs Dingle sort them. Then around the village green he meets Mickey Murphy, Mr Carraway, Mrs Honeyman and Doctor Mopp. Then it's off to Pippin Fort, a "Military Academy" where the arrival of the mail during the parade causes chaos. Later, while delivering to Colley's Mill, Peter leans his mail bag against the stationary sails, but Windy starts the sails turning and poor Peter's sack gets caught up and goes around with the sails until Windy stops them again.

2: Windy Miller

Original transmission date:10/01/66
Starring: Windy Miller, with Jonathan Bell, Mickey Murphy, Captain Snort, Mrs Honeyman, Pippin Fort Crew.
Songs: Windy Miller, Mr Murphy,Driving Along (bakers van), Driving Along (army truck)
Plot: While Windy is watching the sails turn, Jonathan Bell arrives with some corn to grind. Windy offers him some cider but farmer Bell is driving so declines and Windy drinks the cider alone... Meanwhile, in Camberwick Green Mickey Murphy receives two large orders for cakes but finds he has run out of flour, so drives off to Colley's Mill with his children who find Windy asleep (having drunk too much cider). They wake him up but find that the wind has dropped and the sails have stopped. They try and whistle up the wind, but with no success. Then the Pippin Fort boys drive past and Windy flags them down for assistance. When they all whistle the sails start to turn.

3: Mr Crockett, the Garage Man

Original transmission date:17/01/66
Starring: Mr Crockett, with Farmer Jonathan Bell, Windy Miller.
Songs: Crockett's Polka, Windy Miller
Plot: Mr Crockett attends a breakdown in his tow truck to help Mickey Murphy get his delivery van started. The problem is that Mickey hadn't switched it on ! (!!!) On returning to the garage, Dr Mopp and Farmer Bell are waiting for petrol. Mr Crockett fills up Dr Mopp's car, but Farmer Bell thinks its his truck that has been filled up and drives off. Later, Farmer Bell passes Windy who is on his tricycle. They decide to race from the Mill to Camberwick Green. Towards the end of the race it looks like Jonathan is going to win, but after cheekily stopping at the post office, he finds he cannot restart his truck as it has run out of petrol, and so Windy wins to much applause from the villagers.
Look out for the truck parked at the side of Mr Crockett's garage, which looks a lot like the workmen's truck in the Mrs Honeyman

4: Dr Mopp

Original transmission date:24/01/66
Starring: Dr Mopp, Mrs Honeyman with Paddy, Mary & Mrs Murphy, Windy Miller, PC McGarry
Songs: Doctor Mopp
Plot: Dr Mopp calls on the Murphy children who are in bed with bad colds. Mrs Honeyman sees Dr Mopp go into the bakery and so goes to gossip to Mrs Dingle, leaving the baby outside the post office. When she sees Dr Mopp leave the bakery she goes outside, and then notices red spots on the baby's face. What she doesn't notice is that one of the soldier boys is up a ladder above the baby doing some painting! Dr Mopp drives off to do some bird photography with Windy, then goes to Pippin Fort for the medical inspection. The boys are "as fit as fiddles" so he then goes to Bell's Farm where Daisy the cow has a bad cough, and Mrs Bell has a touch of the rheumatics. When he returns to his surgery Mrs Honeyman is waiting with her baby. When he tells her the red spots are just paint she has nothing to say for a change.
Listen out for Dr Mopp's strange line "Look out for painters when you park your baby"

5: Farmer Jonathan Bell

Original transmission date:31/01/66
Plot: Farmer Bell gives Peter the postman a lift to Colley's Mill where he teases Windy about the small number of eggs he produces. Later, at Camberwick Green, Farmer Bell has trouble selling the usual number of eggs. Only at Pippin Fort does he sell the normal amount. He finds out that the villagers have been buying free range eggs from Windy Miller. After talking to Windy, Jonathan decides to leave local selling to Windy, while he sells to the packing station. After all, Jonathan is the most modern farmer in Camberwick Green. They have a drink of cider and remain friends.

6: Captain Snort

Original transmission date:07/02/66
Starring: Captain Snort, Sergeant Major Grout, The Soldier Boys, Mrs Honeyman
Songs: Driving Along (army truck), Mr Carraway
Plot: The soldier boys are sent out to help with jobs in Camberwick Green. Private Meek is given the job of taking baby Honeyman to the chemist shop while Mrs Honeyman goes off to Shatters the department store in Welchester. At the end of the afternoon, all the soldier boys are called back to the Green, but Meek is nowhere to be found. Could this be desertion, or even mutiny? They drive back to Pippin Fort without him, and a short time later Meek arrives at the fort in Mr Crockett's truck, still holding the baby. It appears that Mr Honeyman wasn't at the chemist shop so he couldn't leave the baby there. Then Mrs Honeyman arrives and explains that she missed the bus back. So all's well that ends well.

7: Paddy Murphy

Original transmission date:14/02/66
Starring: Paddy Murphy, Thomas Tripp, windy Miller, Jonathan Bell
Songs: Mr Murphy, Roller Skates, Thomas Tripp, Windy Miller, Jonathan Bell
Plot: Every Saturday, Paddy Murphy puts on his roller skates and heads off to Tripp's Dairy to lend a hand. They pick up milk, butter and eggs from Bell's farm and then make their deliveries, including a cake to Windy (who can't bake cakes), and a whole crate of milk to Mickey Murphy for his custard pies, which he bakes every Saturday.

But one Saturday Tabatha the cat causes an accident, and all the milk bottles get knocked over! Farmer Bell can't supply any more milk because his milking machine is being repaired. Luckily Windy Miller has his own cow and so the villagers of Camberwick Green get their milk delivered, and Windy saves the day.

8: Roger Varley, the Sweep

Original transmission date:21/02/66
Starring: Roger Varley, Mickey Murphy, Mary & Paddy Murphy, Jonathan Bell
Songs: Roger Varley, Driving Along (bakers van)
Plot: While Roger is sweeping Mickey's bakery chimney Windy comes in to buy some doughnuts and asks Roger to sweep a chimney at the windmill. But when it's time to clean up the bakery Mickey finds the water to all the shops in Camberwick Green has been cut off! The workmen arrive to make repairs, but Mickey can't wait. He drives off to get water from the well at Colley's Mill. When he gets there, Windy tells him that it will take a long time to fill all those buckets, and he'll spill most of it on the way home. Windy touches Roger's collar for luck and suddenly Farmer Bell arrives with some empty churns. Windy touches Roger's collar again and the soldier boys arrive with a new water pump which they were using for a fire drill. They have the churns filled up in "double- quick time" and Mickey returns to Camberwick Green to clean the bakery in time for Sergeant Major Grout's birthday party (with a cake shaped like a cannon).

9: PC McGarry

Original transmission date:28/02/66
Starring: PC McGarry, Pippin Fort Crew, Windy Miller
Songs: PC McGarry, Windy Miller, Driving Along (army truck)
Plot: PC McGarry (Number 452) is touring Camberwick Green on his motorbike, checking up on potential dog licences and illegal fishing. At Pippin Fort the boys are on parade, but suddenly an emergency alarm is called and they all drive off to the Green in their Army truck. There they find that a swarm of bees has landed near the bakery, preventing Mickey from sell his cakes. The soldier boys set up a temporary shop while they try to find Windy Miller to deal with the bees. He is eventually found fishing behind Mr Carraway's shop. Windy quickly catches the bees by puffing smoke at them and everything is back to normal.
Look out for the shots of Windy with the smoke - filmed using normal continuous filming rather than stop-frame animation

10: Mr Dagenham, the Salesman

Original transmission date:07/03/66
Starring: Mr Dagenham, Jonathan Bell, Captain Snort
Songs: Mr Dagenham the salesman, Jonathan Bell the farmer, Helicopter
Plot: Mr Dagenham arrives at Bell's farm and gets a demonstration of how useful the fork lift loader is (which Mr Dagenham sold him). Later Mr Dagenham arrives at Pippin Fort in the middle of the morning parade and shows Captain Snort plans for something very expensive...Later still Farmer Bell arrives at the Post Office in Camberwick Green, followed by Captain Snort in Mr Dagenham's car. Mrs Dingle tells Mrs Honeyman that Farmer Bell and Captain Snort have both ordered a book about helicopters. At the Windmill, the soldier boys are removing the sails so that Windy can repair the hub. At the farm, Paddy and Mary are playing when Mr Dagenham arrives in a helicopter. They all fly off to the Windmill where Mr Dagenham offers to put the sails back on using the helicopter. Everything goes well until Windy waves to Mary and Mr Dagenham thinks this is the sign to go up, taking Windy with him. Fortunately no harm is done and Windy gets lowered to the ground safely.

11: Mr Carraway, the Fishmonger

Original transmission date: 14/03/66
Starring: Mr Carraway, Windy Miller, Pippin Fort crew, with Mr Crockett, PC McGarry,
Songs: Mr Murphy, Windy Miller
Plot: Mr Carraway the fishmonger calls in at Colley's Mill, where Windy seems to be making something secret...He shows Windy a painting of a ship that his grandfather used to sail on called "The Northern Prince". After a long story Mr Carraway drives off to Pippin Fort to deliver some fish. The soldier boys there are bored with their Geography lessons until Mr Carraway turns up and tells them tales of the high seas with the aid of the painting. On the way back from the fort Mr Carraway's truck breaks down, and while Mr Crockett tows it back to the garage the painting falls out of the back. Mr Carraway is very upset, but the Camberwick Green people rally round and Windy presents him with a model of the Northern Prince. This is what he was making all along.

12: Mickey Murphy, the Baker

Original transmission date:21/03/66
Starring: Mickey Murphy, Private Lumley, with Mrs Murphy, Pippin Fort soldiers, Windy Miller, Farmer Bell.
Songs: Driving Along (in an army truck)
Plot: Mr Murphy burns his hands while baking, so Private Lumley from Pippin Fort is called in to help. But Lumley can't tell his left from his right and sells all Farmer Bell's special order walnut cakes. With the help of Windy Miller and his well equipped cook house Lumley bakes some more cakes and delivers them to the farm.
Note: in this episode Windy has extensive cooking facilities, but in the "Paddy Murphy" episode he says he can't bake cakes.

13: Mrs Honeyman and her Baby

Original transmission date:28/03/66
Starring: Mrs Honeyman, Dr Mopp, PC McGarry, with Farmer Bell, the workmen
Songs: Chatter Chatter, PC McGarry, Driving Along (army truck)
Plot: When workmen come to Camberwick Green Mrs Honeyman gets the wrong idea and thinks they are going to dig up the Green itself. PC McGarry is powerless to do anything as all their paperwork is in order. The villagers organise a demonstration, but then they find out that the workmen are in fact going to build behind Mr Crockett's garage, so the Green won't be spoilt after all... but Mrs Honeyman is nowhere to be seen.

Trumpton episodes


The Bill Poster

Original transmission date: 03/01/67
Starring:Mr Munnings, Trumpton Fire Brigade, Nick Fisher, The Policeman, Mr Clamp
Songs: The Printer, Firemen Bold, Billsticker Nick.
Plot: Mr Munnings is printing posters to advertise the Fire Brigade's band concert which is held in Trumpton Park at 2.30 every Thursday afternoon. Captain Flack decides that his men can put up the posters, but they soon find out that its not as simple as they first thought. They can't paste them up on any post boxes nor the advertising hoardings. The only place left is the Trumpton fire station - but even then they all get covered in paste. Fortunately Nick Fisher the professional bill poster helps them out and the band concert goes ahead as planned.

Miss Lovelace and the Mayor's Hat

Original transmission date: 10/01/67
Starring: Mrs Cobbit, Mr Troop, Miss Lovelace, The Mayor, Mr Craddock, Chippy Minton & Nibbs.
Songs: Signing song, The Litter Song, Firemen Bold
Plot: It's a windy day in Trumpton. The Mayor goes to inspect the park, where he meets Mr Craddock and finds a damaged bench. Chippy Minton is called to mend the bench and soon arrives. Then Miss Lovelace turns up with her three dogs. In all the commotion, the Mayor's hat gets caught in a tall tree. The Fire Brigade are sent for and manage to retrieve the hat, but sadly it is a little damaged. Generously, Miss Lovelace offers to repair it in time for the afternoon's band concert.

Mrs Cobbit & the Ice Cream Man

Original transmission date: 17/01/67
Starring: Mrs Cobbit, Chippy Minton & Nibbs, with Mr Munnings, Mr Antonio, The Mayor, Miss Lovelace, The Trumpton Fire Brigade.
Songs: The Flower Seller, Ting-a-ling-a-ling, Firemen Bold.
Plot: One day Mrs Cobbit doesn't turn up at her usual place in Trumpton market square. Chippy goes to find out what has happened to her (as he lives next door), and finds a branch has fallen through the roof and has damaged her flowers. When Mrs Cobbit finally gets to the market square she is most upset to find that Mr Antonio has set up his ice-cream van on her pitch. When he realises what has happened Mr Antonio is very apologetic. He and Chippy and the Trumpton Fire Brigade go off to remove the branch and repair her cottage, while Mrs Cobbit sells ice cream from Mr Antonio's van.

Miss Lovelace and the Statue.

Original transmission date: 24/01/67
Starring: Miss Lovelace, Chippy Minton & Nibbs with Mr Platt, Mrs Cobbit, the Mayor, The Trumpton Fire Brigade.
Songs: The Milliner, The Carpenter, Firemen Bold.
Plot: Miss Lovelace calls Chippy to mend her sticking door. While he is working on it with Nibbs, the dogs get out and cause Mr Clamp to swerve in his truck and crash into the statue of Queen Victoria, knocking the crown off. The Trumpton Fire Brigade are called and soon have the crown re-attached.

Mr Platt and the Painter

Original transmission date: 31/01/67
Starring: Mr Platt, Walter Harkin, with Mr Troop, The Mayor, The Trumpton Fire Brigade
Songs: The Clockmaker, The Painter
Plot: Mr Platt the clockmaker is in charge of maintaining the Trumpton town clock, so every week he winds it up and reports to the Mayor. This week, the Mayor tells him that the clock is to be given a coat of paint, and Mr Harkin turns up to do the painting. Later, Mr Troop goes into Mr Platt's shop to tell him that the clock has stopped ! Mr Platt goes to investigate and finds that a tin of grey paint is preventing the mechanical chiming figures from moving in front of the clock face. Unfortunately Mr Platt cannot reach the tin, so the Trumpton Fire Brigade are called, and they soon remove it, allowing the clock to restart again. Mr Platt then sets the clock to the correct time. Mr Harkin then turns up asking if anyone has seen a tin of grey paint, much to everybody's amusement.

The Mayor's Birthday

Original transmission date: 07/02/67
Starring: Chippy and Nibbs Minton, with Mrs Minton, the Artist, Mr Clamp, Mr Platt, Mr Troop, The Trumpton Fire Brigade
Songs: The Artists Song
Plot: Nobody knows what to buy the Mayor for his birthday. On arriving home, Chippy finds an artist painting outside his cottage. Later, Chippy finds out that the Mayor would really like a painting of the town hall for his birthday, but by then the artist is gone. The Trumpton Fire Brigade are called out to search for the Artist - by looking from the box high up on their fire engine, but they have no luck. Then Nibbs spots the Artist in the market square painting a picture of the town hall ! The towns people buy the painting and present it to the Mayor, who invites them all to free drinks and ice cream at the afternoon band concert.


Original transmission date: 14/02/67
Starring: Fred and Mr Wantage, Miss Lovelace, with Mr Munnings, Mrs Minton, The Mayor and Mr Troop, The Trumpton Fire Brigade.
Songs: The Post Office Engineer, The Printer
Plot: The Mayor of Trumpton has a problem with his phone, so he calls the Post Office engineers to have it mended. Mr Wantage and Fred soon arrive at the market square and start work, but when Mr Wantage realises that he hasn't brought his packed lunch he goes back, leaving Fred to look after things. Miss Lovelace then arrives on the scene with her three Pekinese dogs, and Mitzi falls into the manhole and disconnects the wires ! Fred does his best to reconnect the wires but gets it wrong with the result that Mr Munnings, Miss Lovelace, Mrs Minton and Captain Flack get crossed lines. In the confusion the Fire Brigade then turn up at Mrs Minton's house expecting a fire. Eventually, Mr Wantage arrives back at the market square and sorts things out.

The Rag and Bone Man

Original transmission date: 21/02/67
Starring: Raggy Dan, Chippy Nibbs and Nora Minton, with The Mayor, Mr Troop, Mr Craddock, The Trumpton Fire Brigade
Songs: The Rag and Bone Man
Plot: The Mayor decides to have a "Tidy Up Trumpton" campaign. Mrs Minton tidies up Chippy's workshop and gives Raggy Dan the old rocking horse - which she doesn't realise is full of Chippy's savings. Raggy hides the rocking horse and lots of other 'rubbish' in the park shed, but later on, Mr Craddock the park keeper finds it. He is just about to burn it all when Chippy and the fire brigade turn up to rescue the rocking horse - and all the money. Raggy is awarded the "Tidy Up Trumpton" cup.
Listen out for Captain Flack's excellent line - "A fire ? A real fire ? Oh, a bonfire..."

The Window Cleaner

Original transmission date: 28/02/67
Songs: The Window Cleaner
Plot: Mr Robinson arrives in Trumpton Market Square to clean the windows, and while he is cleaning Miss Lovelace's she asks him to check her chimney. While Mr Robinson is on Miss Lovelace's roof, Mr Troop removes his ladder, (in case it was used by a burglar). Mr Robinson is therefore unable to get down, so the fire brigade are called to the rescue.

Cuthbert's Morning Off

Original transmission date: 07/03/67
Plot: Cuthbert arrives early in Trumpton to meet his aunt, but while he is in Mr Platt's shop, getting his watch repaired, his aunt turns up. She starts chatting with Miss Lovelace and they both go inside her shop for a cup of tea, during which Cuthbert comes out and assumes his aunt has gone directly to the park. The Mayor tries to help Cuthbert's aunt by calling out the fire brigade to search for Cuthbert. Captain Flack finds Cuthbert by the duck pond, but Cuthbert is startled and falls in.
Listen out for Captain Flack calling the Firemen: "Pugh Pugh Barney McGrew, Dibble Grubb" and the one off sequence of the Fire Brigade driving through Trumpton in their fire engine with nobody in the hoist.

The Plumber

Original transmission date: 14/03/67
Starring: The Mayor, Chippy & Nibbs Minton, with Mr Troop, Mr Wilkins, the Trumpton Fire Brigade
Songs: The Carpenter, The Plumber
Plot: Chippy and Nibbs are called to the town hall to repair some squeaking floor boards. Everything goes well until they discover that the water tank in the roof is leaking, and Mr Wilkins the plumber is called out. Unfortunately he can't get the old tank through the trap door in the ceiling, so the Fire Brigade are asked to help and they remove the tank through the skylight.


Original transmission date: 21/03/67
Starring: Chippy & Nibbs Minton, Mr Platt, with Mrs Cobbit, Dora Minton, the Trumpton Fire Brigade
Songs: The Flower Seller
Plot: Mr Platt is showing Mrs Cobbit his basket of pigeons when Chippy and Nibbs arrive. Chippy doesn't believe that the pigeons can fly home so Mr Platt tells him to take one home and release it there. Overnight there is a storm which brings down a tree across the road, preventing Chippy from driving to Trumpton. They tie a message to the pigeons leg to summon the fire brigade who soon arrive and remove the tree.

The Greenhouse

Original transmission date: 28/03/67
Starring: Mr Craddock, the Mayor, with the Trumpton Fire Brigade
Songs: Billsticker Nick, The Greengrocer, The Litter Song
Plot: It's the day of the Trumpton vegetable show in the park, and the Mayor is talking to Mr Craddock, the park keeper who points out the poor state of the greenhouse chimney. The Mayor asks Mr Bolt the Borough Surveyor to inspect it and it is declared unsafe. The Fire Brigade are called and remove the chimney using a net. With the park now safe for public use the fruit and veg show goes ahead, and Chippy Minton wins with his fine display of onions.
Look out for the very fine thread used by the animators to support the chimney as it falls.

Chigley episodes


Lord Belborough's Secret

Original transmission date: 06/10/69
Starring: Dr. Mopp, Mr Farthing, Winnie, Lord Belborough, Brackett, Mr Swallow, Mr Rumpling.
Songs: Doctor Mopp, The Little Steam Engine, Barge Song
Plot: Dr. Mopp calls at the Chigley Pottery to buy a vase for his sister Millicent, and gets a demonstration of how a potter uses his wheel. Lord Belborough arrives in Bessie to collect a crate of pottery, and they go with him to Treddles wharf, where he picks up a mysterious crate. Dr. Mopp asks the Camberwick Green villagers if they know what is inside the crate. Mrs Honeyman suggests that it must be something to do with the six o'clock whistle at the biscuit factory, which proves to be correct. At 6.00 the workers leave the factory and Lord Belborough unveils to them a Dutch organ which plays the music for the six o'-clock dance.

Bessie to the Rescue

Original transmission date: 13/10/69
Starring: Mr Cresswell, with Jonathan Bell, Lord Belborough, Brackett, Mr Swallow, Chippy Minton.
Songs: Jonathan Bell, Efficiency, Crane Song
Plot: Farmer Bell makes his regular delivery of produce to the Chigley biscuit factory, and gets a tour of the factory from Mr Cresswell. They notice that a box of biscuits meant for delivery has been overlooked. As Trumpton is very congested at this time of day it is too late to take it by road to Wintelbury station, in time for the 5.23 train to London. Farmer Bell comes to the rescue by taking the box to the pottery where it is picked up by Lord Belborough in Bessie and taken to Treddles Wharf. Here it is transferred to Chippy Minton's truck which he drives off to Wintelbury. Mr Swallow then points out that as the timetable has recently been changed, the train doesn't leave until 5.43, and so they would have made it by road anyway !

The Balloon

Original transmission date:20/10/69
Starring: The Mayor of Trumpton, with Lord Belborough, Brackett, Mr Farthing, Winnie, Mr Dagenham.
Songs: The Little Steam Engine, Mr Dagenham, Balloon Song.
Plot: The Mayor goes to see his friend Lord Belborough to return a book. The Mayor asks if he has any ideas of how to raise money for the old peoples' holiday fund, but neither of them come up with anything. Lord Belborough takes a crate of pottery to Treddles wharf and takes Winnie along for a ride. Sadly Winnie's balloon bursts on Bessie's stack which gives them an idea of how to raise money - a balloon ride. The big day arrives and the Mayor and Lord Belborough fly off and land in Trumpton town square where they are met by Philby who takes them to the six o'clock dance.

The Fountain

Original transmission date: 27/10/69
Starring: PC McGarry, Mr Farthing, Winnie, Mr Cresswell, Mr Swallow, Lord Belborough, Brackett, Mr Clutterbuck, Jonathan Bell.
Songs: PC McGarry, The Little Steam Engine, Mechanical Digger.
Plot: PC McGarry calls at the pottery to invite Mr Farthing to tea. Mr Farthing is sculpting in his garden but explains that there is not much demand for stone sculptures these days. PC McGarry then calls in at the Biscuit Factory where he tells Mr Cresswell that he has a clean and modern looking factory, but also points out that a fountain would look nice. Mr Cresswell asks Mr Farthing the Potter to make one. Lord Belborough picks up the block of stone from Treddles Wharf, Farmer Bell digs the foundations and Mr Clutterbuck builds the fountain's basin. Then at six o'clock one evening, when it is all finished, the Mayor of Trumpton unveils the fountain.

The Garden Wall

Original transmission date: 03/11/69
Starring: Lord Belborough, with Brackett, Mr Bilton, Mr Clutterbuck, Horrace, Cyril, Chippy Minton, Mr Swallow
Songs: Crockett's Polka, To Make a Garden Grow, Bricks Bricks !, (plus The Little Steam Engine - instrumental version only)
Mr Crockett delivers a lawnmower to Winkstead Hall, having just rebuilt the engine, and "sharpened her up". Lord Belborough starts the mower, which was still in gear, and it runs off and demolishes the garden wall and door. Lord Belborough phones Mr Clutterbuck the builder and asks him if he can rebuild the wall before the weekend, but Mr Clutterbuck is still awaiting delivery of a load of bricks, which are stuck at Treddles Wharf. Lord Belborough and Brackett steam of to the wharf in Bessie and collect the bricks. Bricklayers Cyril and Horrace are then able to rebuild the wall, while Chippy Minton and Nibbs make a new door. Mr Crockett repairs the mower, "using several completely new parts" and everything is ready in time for the six o'clock dance.
Look out for the 'dust' created when the lawn mower crashes into the wall, created by using multiple short sequences of real moving smoke.

Binnie and Bessie

Original transmission date: 10/11/69
Roger Varley arrives at Winkstead Hall to help clean Bessie the steam engine and Binnie the pumping engine. Roger is cleaning Binnie when Brackett the butler comes in and says the water level in Winkstead Hall is very low. But the only way to pump the water is to burn the coal to get the pumping engine going, but there is no coal left. They ring up Mr Swallow at Treddles Wharf and ask for some coal. He tells them that they will have to pick it up. They set off in Bessie, pick up the coal at the wharf, and return to Winkstead Hall. With a new delivery of coal Binnie can pump again. The biscuit factory whistle blows and it is time for the six o'clock dance.
(many thanks to Joe Isherwood for the Binnie and Bessie plot summary)

Lord Belborough's Lucky Day

Original transmission date: 17/11/69
Starring: Lord Belborough & Brackett, with Mr Gubbins and Mr Sneed, Mr Swallow, Mr Rumpling, Harry & Winnie Farthing
Songs: Thomas Tripp the Milkman, The Corporation Dustmen, The Little Steam Engine, The Bargemaster
Plot: Thomas Tripp is delivering milk to Winkstead Hall, and while talking to Brackett they discover that because Lord Belborough's birthday is in February then today is his lucky day. Later, Lord Belborough is telling Brackett about his antique vase, (and that he is looking for another to make a pair) when he accidentally drops it, smashing it into pieces. When the dustmen arrive they empty the Winkstead Hall bins and take away the vase fragments.

 Later, Lord Belborough and Brackett steam off to Treddles wharf in Bessie to deliver two crates of pottery for Harry Farthing. While at the wharf, Mr Rumpling shows Lord Belborough a vase which he was given by his aunt - it is just like the one Lord Belborough broke earlier ! On hearing this Harry Farthing offers to rebuild the broken vase, but Brackett then admits he has already thrown it out! The dustmen then arrive and Lord Belborough asks them if they could sort out the rubbish and find the pieces of the broken vase. Fortunately they have already done so ! Lord Belborough is delighted and promises to write to the Mayor in praise of the dustmen. He hopes they will all be at the six o'clock dance.

The Broken Bridge

Original transmission date: 24/11/69
Starring: Mr Carraway with PC McGarry, Pippin Fort Crew, Lord Belborough & Brackett, Mr Cresswell, Mr Dagenham.
Songs: Mr Carraway, The Little Steam Engine, Helicopter
Plot: Mr Carraway is delivering three boxes of plaice to the Chigley biscuit factory restaurant when PC McGarry turns up and tells them that the Chigley bridge is unsafe and closed to all traffic. This is bad news for Mr Cresswell as he has a delivery of biscuits to go out. Mr Carraway points out that the boys from Pippin Fort have a temporary bridge but it is kept at Treddles Wharf, which is on the other side of the river. A few phone calls later and Lord Belborough goes off in Bessie to collect it from the wharf and take it to the bridge. Unfortunately the soldier boys are still on the wrong side of the river, but with the help of Mr Dagenham and his helicopter they are picked up by rope, three at a time, and carried across the river to where they can assemble their temporary bridge. Mr Carraway has the dubious honour of being first to try out the bridge, and then they all go off to the six o'clock dance.

Clay for Mr Farthing

Original transmission date: 01/12/69
Starring: Mr Wantage & Fred, with Harry & Winnie Farthing, Lord Belborough & Brackett, Farmer Bell, Mr Crockett.
Songs: Post Office Engineer, Mechanical Digger, (plus The Little Steam Engine - instrumental version only)
Plot: Mr Wantage and Fred finish their work in Trumpton and go off to the Chigley pottery to mend Harry Farthing's phone. There, they find that the trouble is due to clay in the receiver holder. Harry gives them a demonstration of how he makes a bowl. The PO engineers mention that a lot of clay was dug out when the new telephone exchange was built, and they give Harry a lift to the exchange in their van. They tell Harry he can have it all, but how can they transport it back to the pottery ? Harry phones Lord Belborough, who soon arrives in Bessie. Farmer Bell then loads the clay into containers in Bessie's trucks and with the job apparently complete they steam off to the Chigley pottery. When they arrive they realise that the containers are too heavy to unload from the trucks. Fortunately Mr Crockett arrives with his recovery truck - but this is no accident - he had received a phone call from Farmer Bell. So Harry gets his clay and they all head off for the six o'clock dance.

Trouble with the Crane

Original transmission date: 08/12/69
Starring: Mr Rumpling, Lord Belborough & Brackett, with Farmer Bell, Mr Swallow, Pippin Fort Crew, Mr Crockett
Songs: Barge Song, Crane Song, The Little Steam Engine.
Plot:At Treddle's Wharf, Mr Rumpling is supposed to unload a crate from his boat for Lord Belborough, and pick up a crate of scrap metal from Farmer Bell. While lifting a crate the crane fails and drops what they think is Lord Belborough's crate of valuable antique books into the canal. The solider boys are called and Private Armitage (the best swimmer) dives into the canal to rescue the crate. However due to a previous mix-up, the dropped crate is found to contain Farmer Bell's scrap metal, which obviously isn't damaged by having been dropped in the canal.

Apples Galore

Original transmission date: 15/12/69
Starring:Windy Miller, with Mr Murphy, Lord Belborough, The Trumpton Fire Brigade, Jonathan Bell
Songs:Baker's van, windy miller, go-ahead farmer, Little Steam Engine.
Plot: When the Winkstead orchard has a bumper crop of apples, Windy Miller suggests they turn them into apple juice using his cider press. The fire brigade pick the apples and Jonathan Bell loads them onto Bessie with the aid of his forklift loader. Then Lord Belborough takes them to Windy's barn (just below the mill) and with the help of the biscuit factory workers they are pressed and barrelled in time to be taken to the six o'-clock dance.

Willie Munn

Original transmission date: 22/12/69
Mr. Clamp takes some stock to the Chigley biscuit factory for the staff canteen. While there, he asks Mr Cresswell (the biscuit factory owner) how his nephew Willie Munn is doing. Mr Cresswell takes Mr Clamp to see Willie who works on the biscuit stamper.

Mr Cresswell thinks that Willie is a bit of a daydreamer, but Mr Clamp tells Mr Cresswell that Willie is good at driving and loves motorcars. As the delivery driver is ill, they give Willie the job of driving the van. Willie has instructions to stop at Mr. Crocketts garage to get petrol, drop off some biscuits at the Camberwick Green post office, and lastly, drop some biscuits off at Winstead Hall. But Willie forgets to get the petrol, and on his way to his last stop, Winkstead Hall, he runs out of petrol!

He calls Winstead Hall so the biscuit factory does not find out what has happened on his first day at his new job. Lord Belborough kindly comes to the rescue, bringing some petrol on Bessie. Willie gives Lord Belborough the biscuits, and they all go off to the 6 o'clock dance.
(many thanks to Joe Isherwood for the Willie Munn plot summary)

A Present for Lord Belborough

Original transmission date: 29/12/69
Starring: Lord Belborough, Mr Bilton with Mr Antonio, Brackett, Mr Swallow, Mr Crockett
Songs: Ting-a-ling-a-ling, To Make a Garden Grow, Stately Homes of England, The Little Steam Engine
Plot: Mr Antonio is delivering ice cream to the Winkstead Hall tea room. He meets Mr Bilton the gardener, who says he has some wall flowers to give him. Mr Bilton is suffering from 'the rheumatics' so Mr Antonio helps out by doing a bit of lawn mowing. On his way out Mr Antonio meets Lord Belborough who tells him he would like to give Bilton a motor-barrow but can't afford it what with the cost of the recent reroofing...

 Later, Lord Belborough is asked to collect a mystery crate from Treddles wharf, which he must not open until the six o'-clock dance. It turns out to be a model steam engine given by the people of Chigley in gratitude for the six o'-clock dance. Lord Belborough gives the steam engine (and a small trailer) to Mr Bilton to help him with the gardening.