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Trumptonshire ringing tones

Got a Nokia mobile phone ? If so, here's your chance to give it a classic Trumptonshire ringing tone.

You don't need to phone a premium rate number, just program in the codes below. If you're unsure what to do, there's help at the bottom of the page.

All of the Trumptonshire music was composed by Freddie Phillips, and is used here with permission. Check out the official Music Features website for details.

Windy Miller
Tempo: 160 BPM
4e2 8e2 4g2 8g2
4d2 8d2 4g2 8g2
4e2 8g2 4c3 8c3
2g2 4- 4c3 8c3
4c3 8g2 4b2 8a2
4g2 8f2 4e2 8e2
4g2 8g2 2d2 8-
8g2 4e2 8e2 4g2
8g2 4d2 8d2 4g2
8f2 4e2 8c2 4d2
8b1 2c2

Mickey Murphy
Tempo: 90 BPM
16a2 16g2 8#f2
8d2 8a1 8d2
8#f2 8d2 8a2
8#f2 8g2 8e2
8a1 8e2 8g2 8e2
8a2 8g2 8#f2
8d2 8g2 8e2 8a2
8d2 4b2 16e2
16e2 16e2 16e2
16a2 16g2 16#f2
16e2 8d2 8#f2

Driving Along (in a baker's van or in an army truck)
Tempo: 160 BPM
4a1 8a1 8#c2
4b1 8b1 8d2
4#c2 4e2 4e2
8e2 8d2 8#c2
8b1 4a1 8b1
8#c2 4d2 4#c2
4e2 2e2

Camberwick Green theme
Tempo: 112 BPM
4g1 8g1 4d2 8d2
8c2 8d2 8c2 4g1
8- 4g1 8c2 4d2
8f2 8e2 8d2 8c2
8d2 8e2 8f2 2g2
8- 8f2 8e2 8d2
4c2 4- 8- 8b1
8a1 4g1

Pippin Fort (bugle roll call)
Tempo: 100 BPM
8c2 8c2 4c2 8e2
8e2 4e2 8g2 8e2
8g2 8e2 8c2
16c2 16c2 2c2

Captain Snort
Tempo: 100 BPM
8g1 16g1 8d2
16d2 16a1 16a1
16a1 4d2

Firemen Bold (as the fire engine drives through Trumpton)
Tempo: 100 BPM
8g1 16- 8g1 16-
16b1 16b1 16b1
8b1 16- 16d2
16- 16d2 16d2
16e2 16d2 8g2
16- 16f2 16e2
16d2 16c2 8-
16c3 8- 16b2
16a2 16g2 16g2
 8- 18f2 16e2
16d2 16f2 16e2
16d2 16e2 16f2
16g2 8g2

The Little Steam Engine (Time flies by)
Tempo:112 BPM
4c2 4c2 8b1 8a1
8g1 8f1 8e1 8f1
8g1 8a1 8g1 8-
8g1 8g1 4a1 8b1
8c2 4g1 4e1 8g1
8f1 8e1 8d1 4c1

Chigley Theme (Lord Belborough's Dutch organ)
Tempo: 90 BPM
8g1 8e1 8f 8g1
8a1 8b1 8c2 8b1
8a1 4g1 8- 8a1
8g1 8e1 8a1 8g1
8e1 8g1 8a1
8#a1 8b1 4- 8g1
8f1 8e1 8d1 8g1
8f1 8e1 8f1 8#f1
8g1 4- 8a1
8g1 8#f1 8f1
8#f1 8g1 8a1
8b1 8c2 8d2

Help ?
It's easy to program almost any tune into your Nokia mobile phone (and others too probably). Each note in the tune is written as a group of three characters. The first character is the length of the note, the second is the pitch and the third is the "octave". Sharps are just sharps.

So 4e2 is a short E note, and 8e2 is a shorter E note. 8e3 is the same length but an octave higher. 8#f1 is a short F-sharp.

Once you get the hang of it it's easy!

Follow the phone's menus and find the ringtone composer section. The notes are keyed in using the normal keypad but you have to imagine that the keys have been relabelled as follows:

Normal keypad       Notes keypad
  1  2  3              c  d  e
  4  5  6              f  g  a
  7  8  9              b  -  +
  *  0  #             123 -  #

So if you want the note 'F' you press key 4, and to make it longer press 9. Key 0 gives a pause, key * changes the octave, and # makes the note sharp.

Good luck, and if you get really stuck, don't forget that you can always read the phone's instruction manual!

 All Trumptonshire music composed by Freddie Phillips