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The Trumptonshire FAQ

What were the names of the Trumpton Fire Brigade ?
Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb.

Are you sure ?
Yes. The sound track can be a little unclear, and the names have been misquoted many times in the press and in TV trivia books, but Gordon Murray who created them insists that the Pughs were twin brothers - and he should know.   >>>more info

Why can't you see the strings ?
Because there weren't any ! It was all done by stop frame animation (just like in Wallace & Gromit). Today, most children's 3-D puppetry (like "Postman Pat" and "Fireman Sam") use stop frame animation, but Camberwick Green was one of the first programmes to do it successfully.   >>>more info

Isn't that Brian Cant narrating ?
Yes. Brian Cant (from Playschool and Playaway) narrated every episode and sang all of the songs.   >>>more info

Did Windy always manage to miss the sails on his windmill ?
Yes. He would time his walk so that he just slipped between the sails everytime - it was a children's programmes you know.

OK, but didn't somebody once get caught up in Windy's sails ?
No. In the first episode of Camberwick Green, Peter the Postman is delivering to Colley's Mill and leans his postbag against a stationary sail. When Windy lets the sails turn, the bag goes round. But no character ever got caught.   >>>more info

Who usually rose out of the musical box at the start of Camberwick Green ?
A different character rose out of the box at the start of each of the 13 different episodes of Camberwick Green. Although Windy Miller seemed to appear out of the box more than most, in reality he was only the star character in one episode (although he appeared in many episodes).   >>>more info

When were the programmes shown ?
The first series, Camberwick Green, was first transmitted in 1966 on BBC1. This was before the introduction of colour television, so the first showings were in black & white. They were shown weekly, with the first episodes as below:
Camberwick Green - 3rd January 1966
Trumpton - 3rd January 1967
Chigley - 6th October 1969
After their first showing, all three series were repeated almost continually. In recent years they have aired on the digital channel UK Play and on Channel 4.

What are the lyrics to the song that goes "Time flies by…"
The song is called "The Little Steam Engine". It's from the Chigley series, and is sung as Lord Belborough and Brackett the butler take Bessie, the engine, from Winkstead Hall to Treddles Wharf, usually via the Chigley Pottery.

Time flies by when I'm the driver of a train
And I ride on the footplate there and back again
Under bridges over bridges to our destination
Puffing through the countryside there's so much to be seen.
Passengers waving as we steam through a station.
Stoke up fireman for the signal is at green.

Time flies by when I'm the driver of a train
And I ride on the footplate there and back again
In the cutting, through the tunnel,
Rushing clanking on the track.
Wheezing pistons, smoking funnels,
Turning wheels go clickety clack.
Time flies by when I'm the driver of a train
And I ride on the footplate there and back again.

>>>Chigley  >>>Camberwick Green  >>>Trumpton

(N.B. The lyrics to all the songs are available on the Trumptonshire Web)

Where is Trumptonshire meant to be ?
Gordon Murray has never said. There are plenty of place names in the UK which sound a bit like the places in Trumptonshire, but it's probably meant to be just a typical rural English county.  >>>more info

Wasn't Camberwick Green originally called Candlewick Green ?
Yes. When the first contract came back from the BBC, someone had changed the name to Camberwick Green (presumably by mistake), and it was left that way.