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Trumptonshire collectors' corner

- Records

In the sixties and seventies several LPs were released. Have you got one of these tucked away in your parent's attic ?

Camberwick Green: BBC REC263
Welcome to Camberwick Green: MFP1109
A Visit to Trumpton: MFP1189
Come to Chigley: MFP1352
All The Music From Trumpton And Chigley: REC234
Songs from Chigley & Trumpton: SRS5085

Welcome to Camberwick Green

Published by Music for Pleasure MFP1109

"With music composed and played by Freddie Phillips.Sung and narrated by Brian Cant"

Camberwick Green

Published by BBC REC 263 MONO
Copyright Gordon Murray 1977, first issued as RBT13 in 1972.

Two new stories with narration by Brian Cant, and songs taken from the television programmes.

Side 1: Peter Hazel the Postman has an adventure.
Side 2: Windy Miller goes fishing.

A Visit To Trumpton

Published by Music For Pleasure, MFP 1189 (p) 1967
Script by Gordon Murray
Narrated and sung by Brian Cant
Music composed and played by Freddie Phillips
Authors: G.Murray & F.Phillips
Cover photography by Ken Palace
Design by Clare Osborn

The front of the sleeve shows the Trumpton townspeople gathered in the park watching the firemen in the bandstand. The back of the sleeve has a picture of Miss Lovelace and her three pekinese dogs.

The two stories on this LP include many Trumpton characters and their songs but there is no real plot. See the Trumpton page for the sleeve text.
1. Tick-Tock-Track
2. Chime and Clock Theme
3. Trumpton
4. The Signing Song
5. To-and-Fro
6. The Duck Song
7. The Litter Song
8. Chippy Minton's Song
9. Ting-a-Ling-a-Ling
10 Tranquillo (The Artist)
11 Miss Lovelace's Song
12 Mr. Clamp's Song
13 Mr. Robinson's Song
14 Firemen Bold
15 Band Concert
1. Chime and Clock Theme
2. Mr. Munning's Song
3. Mr. Platt's Song
4. Raggy Dan's Song
5. Mrs. Cobbett's Song
6. Nick Fisher's Song
7. Walter Harkin's Song
8. Mr. Wilkin's Song
9. Mr. Wantage's Song
10 Firemen Bold
11 The Band Concert

Come to Chigley

Published by Music For Pleasure, MFP 1352 (p) 1970
Script by Gordon Murray
Narrated and sung by Brian Cant
Music composed and played by Freddie Phillips
Recording and sound effects by Music Features
Music copyright: Music Features
Author: Freddie Phillips
Also gives details of Freddie Phillips career
Sleeve Design by Karel Feuerstein

The front of the sleeve shows the Chigley citizens standing outside Winkstead Hall. The record contains two stories about the happenings in Chigley, including all the Chigley songs. See the Chigley page for the extensive sleeve text.
1. Chigley Theme                        
2. The Corpration Dustmen               
3. Mr. Farthing's song (The Potter)     
4. Efficiency                           
5. The Balloonist                       
6. The Pumping Engine                   
7. The Little Steam Train               
8. Mr. Swallow's song (The Crane)       
9. The Dutch Organ                      
1. Chigley Theme
2. The Bargemaster
3. The Bricklayers
4. The Stately Home
5. The Little Steam Train
6. Mr. Swallow's song (The Crane)
7. The Gardener
8. The Mechanical Digger
9. The Song of the Fair
10. The Dutch Organ

All The Music From Trumpton And Chigley

(Reverse cover carries the title "All the music from Chigley and Trumpton").
BBC Records & Tapes, the best of BBC TV & Radio
Published by BBC Enterprises, London, England, 1976, Rec.234
Distributed by Pye Records (sales) Ltd.
Also available on cassette MRMC 044

The Trumpton cast are shown gathered in front of the Town Hall, with the clock showing 6:26. The Mayor and Town Clerk are on the Hall's balcony, the Fire Brigade is lined up below in front of the Town Hall entrance, the other characters are assembled in rows in front of the Brigade in the Town Square. All are looking towards the viewer. The Mayor and Clerk are waving.

Band 1
Chime & Clock Theme (Title music: Trumpton comes to life)
Trumpton (Busy little country market town music)
Mr. Munning's Song (The Printer  at work)
Nick Fisher's Song (The Bill-Poster at work)
Mrs. Cobbett's Song (The Flower Seller in the town square)
The Litter Song ('Never leave litter about' by the Park Keeper)
Ting-a-ling-ling (The Ice-cream man and his van)

Band 2
Miss Lovelace's Song (The Milliner in the town square shop)
Chippy Minton's Song (The Carpenter and his mate at work)
Mr. Platt's Song (The Clockmaker and his shop)
Walter Harking's Song (The House Painter at work)

Band 3
Mr. Clamp's Song (The Greengrocer calling his wares)
Mr. Wantage's Song (The Telephone Engineer and his mate at work)
Raggy Dan's Song (The Rag and Bone Man street calling)
Mr. Robinson's Song (The window - cleaner at work)

Band 4
The Duck Song (Trumpton Park Duck Song)
Mr. WIlkin's Song (The Plumber at work)
Fireman Bold (The fire engine on its way)
The Band Concert (Trumpton Fire Brigade Band play in the Park).
SIDE 2: CHIGLEY "All the music from Chigley and Trumpton"
The Chigley side cover has Lord Belborough and Mr. Brackett, his butler, on the footplate of the steam engine. Mr. Farthing, Mr. Creswell and Winney are posing in front of the engine. All are looking at the viewer and waving.
Band 1
Chigley Theme (Title music: Start the day)
The Corporation Dustmen (Dustmen on their rounds)
Mr. Farthing's Song (The Potter at work)
The Balloonist (Lord Belborough's Trip)

Band 2
The Little Steam Train (Journey through Trumptonshire)
Mr. Swallow's Song (The Crane.  Loading the Barge)
The Bargemaster (Journey through Trumptonshire waterways)
The Bricklayers (repairing the canal bridge)

Band 3
The Gardener (mowing Lord Belborough's lawns)
The Pumping Engine (Winkstead Hall Pump House)
The Mechanical Digger (Farmer Bell lends a hand)
The Stately Home (Mr. Brackett, the Butler of Winkstead Hall)

Band 4
Efficiency (The Chigley Biscuit Factory at work)
Song of the Fair (six o'clock dance and fete in Winkstead Hall)
The Dutch Organ (six o'clock dance and fete in Winkstead Hall)

Songs from Chigley & Trumpton

Published by EMI (Starline) Record No : SRS 5085
Voices by Brian Cant
Authors Gordon Murray & Freddie Phillips
Recording & SFX by Music Features
Music composed & played by Freddie Phillips
Front Cover Illustration: By courtesy of The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd.
Track listing: as for "All the Music from Trumpton And Chigley"