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The Trumptonshire Web Quiz

- the Answers

So how did you do ? When it came to the crunch were you racing through the questions, like Mr Dagenham, or were you asleep with a flagon of cider like Windy Miller ?

Here are the answers. More details are available in the other sections of the Trumptonshire Web.

You should have got these:

Who narrated all the stories and sang all the songs for the three series ?
Brian Cant

Name the members of the Trumpton Fire Brigade.
Captain Flack and Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb

Who was Camberwick Green's local gossip ?
Mrs Honeyman

What did Windy Miller like to drink ?
Homebrew Cider !   (or maybe apple juice) 

What was the name of the steam engine in Chigley ?

What did Mr Carraway sell ?
(Fresh) Fish

Who was in charge of Pippin Fort ?
Captain Snort

What did Mrs Dingle do ?
She ran the Post office in Camberwick Green

What was Windy Miller's mode of transport ?
A tricycle penny farthing

At what time did the whistle blow at the Chigley biscuit factory ?
Six o'clock, (just in time for the dance)

Which of the Trumpton Fire Brigade did not slide down the pole ?
Captain Flack, of course

Were they too easy ? How did you do on these ?

What were the names of the Murphy children ?
Paddy and Mary

What did Mr Antonio sell ?
Ice-cream, from his van

What was the name of the dog in Camberwick Green - and who owned it ?
Packet (the puppy) - owned by Mrs Dingle

Who lived next door to the Mintons ?
Mrs Cobbit, the flower seller

Mrs Honeyman was the local gossip, but what did her husband do ?
He ran the chemist shop

What was the name of the wharf in Chigley ?
Treddles Wharf

Which member of the Trumpton Fire Brigade was the driver ?
Barney McGrew - the sleepy looking one

What were the names of Miss Lovelace's dogs ?
Daphne, Mitzi and Lulu

What number would you associate with PC McGary ?

Who provided the music for the Trumptonshire programmes ?
Freddie Phillips

And to sort the Chippys from the Nibbs:

Who was the very first Trumptonshire character to appear on our screens ?
Peter the Postman, in the first episode of Camberwick Green

What make of petrol did Mr Crockett sell ?

What was Chippy's wife called ? (no, Mrs Minton is not good enough !)

How many people would you normally find at Pippin Fort ? Name as many as possible.
Nine people - Captain Snort, Sergeant Major Grout, Privates Armitage, Featherby, Higgins, Hopwood, Lumley, Meek, and not forgetting the buglar !

Who played the symbols at the 4-o'clock band concert ?

What was the registration number of the Mayor's car ?
GM 102

According to his song what colour does Walter Harkin suggest painting the hall ?
Pink !

Name three types of air transport seen in Trumptonshire
Mr Dagenham's helicopter, the balloon in Chigley, and pigeon post!